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Anbang Asset Management

Anbang Asset Management is part of Anbang Insurance Group, one of the fastest growing multinationals in China, in terms of total assets and profitability.

Our investment team comprises industry veterans and senior investment professionals with over two decades of experience. The team strives to generate outperformance by uncovering promising long-term investment opportunities for our investors.  Our portfolio managers and analysts work diligently as a team, through constant discussion and company visits, to achieve sound investment decisions.  In-depth fundamental research, alongside with stringent risk management governs our process of security selection and portfolio construction. 

Our Investment Philosophy

At Anbang Asset Management, we use four pillars of investment process to construct and monitor our portfolio, namely (1) top-down macro approach; (2) bottom-up fundamental analysis; (3) quantitative screening and (4) risk management techniques.

  1. Top-down Approach

    • Analyze global macroeconomic and political regimes, business cycles, interest rate cycles and fund flow to determine the asset allocation based on sector, market capitalization and valuation.
  2. Bottom-up Fundamental Analysis

    • Analyze company level financial statements, valuations, and industry structure and competitiveness, quality of management, quality of earnings and supply chain.
  3. Quantitative Screening

    • Use fundamental and quantitative-based parameters to screen for stocks that match guidelines from investment mandates and styles, and avoid companies facing potential EPS downward adjustment.
    • Constantly gauge sector exposure based on individual stock allocation.
  4. Risk Management/On-going Stock Monitoring

    • Analyze the risk characteristics of every single individual security and benchmark them against the overall portfolio risk characteristics.
    • Carry out VAR analysis and avoid concentration risk of a single sector.
    • Watch out for stocks with negative earnings surprise potential, and monitor trend/price momentum of individual stocks.
Our Investment Process

Leveraging our rigorous and disciplined investment approach, Anbang Asset Management demonstrates the ability to offer long-term investment solutions to our clients. A robust approach to risk management allows us to continuously manage and monitor our investment portfolios.