Working at Anbang

Our Culture

The Anbang Culture

Anbang International never overlooks the importance of giving back to society. We believe that excellent corporate citizenship constitutes successful businesses. Therefore, running programs for public welfare and charity has always been a big part of our practice. We also stress the importance of raising value for our clients, employees, and shareholders. This is reflected through the three cultures we uphold --“water culture”, “family culture” and “internet culture”.


  • Water
  • Family
  • Internet
“Culture of Water”: Connecting People and Nature

Water can exist in any form. It is flexible yet strong. As droplets, it can wear out rocks; as raging torrents, it can remove any obstacles. The unique characteristics of water inspire us to pursue simplicity, efficiency and teamwork.

“Culture of Family”: Connecting People and Society

Anbang considers our clients, employees, and shareholders family members. We aim to create a platform which allows our employees to display their full potential, our customers to gain more values, and our investors to realize above-market returns.

“Culture of Internet”: Connecting People and Technology

Anbang pursues the internet spirit between man and society, aiming at achieving a connected, supportive, and win-win future. In the internet world, everyone has access to the same resources, enjoys equal service, and can participate in creating or improving their own abilities and intelligence. However, the foundation of the internet is never shaken. Thus, we realize that we need to build an equal and democratic business organization that resembles the internet.